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 Monday, March 2, 2015

Bridge Linking Neighborhoods Replaced

When the wooden footbridge crossing the creek north of the Whirlpool plant linking Lakeside with Middle Amana fell into disrepair, neighbors contacted the Amana Society and Wendler Engineering and Construction Co. The Amana Society and Wendler Engineering responded.

The bridge, as far as anyone can recall, had been built over 40 years ago by the Middle Amana Farm department to allow farmers to cross the creek to get to Amana Society property. Though the Middle Amana Farm shop and neighboring farm buildings were eventually closed, the little bridge was a popular access point as it allowed Whirlpool employees and local residents to get to and from the recreational trail easily.

"It was a concern because the approaches had washed away and it was getting worse," said Terry Hershberger, Amana Society Service Co. "Something like that can be a problem as someone could get hurt."

Fortunately Wendler had salvaged a metal footbridge from a recent waterworks job and it was in the Wendler equipment yard. Randy Reihmann and Brad Hahn offered to donate that bridge.
"They were very willing to donate that bridge and we are very grateful," said Kathy Kellenberger, Amana Society. "They would have installed it for us, but they’ve been busy so the Amana Society Service Co. stepped in to help."

The Amana Society Service Co. has since removed the old wooden bridge and will replace it with the new, metal footbridge as soon as weather and time allows. Once the bridge is in place, it may be painted a more nature-appropriate color. Right now it’s light blue. The Amana Colonies Trails board has volunteered to have it painted and is hoping that a local Boy Scout or 4H group looking for a service project might be interested in the job if paint is supplied.

"We are extremely grateful to the Amana Society and Wendler Engineering. This problem was solved because they took the time and took the initiative and those of us who use the bike trail and bridge are very appreciative," Lanny Haldy, Amana Colonies Trails, Inc. "It’s another example of the positive community-spirit that makes Amana a very nice place to live."

reprinted with permission, Amana News and Notes, Amana Bulletin, July 9, 2009